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The platform for industrial data collection and reporting. Unlocking the potential of sensor data for engineers and asset owners.

Multiped on Hegemann V
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Real-time information

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Ultra- fast

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Internet connection not required

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Automatic data logging

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Personal dashboards 

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Improves efficiency

All data at your fingertips

Multiped is the new, versatile platform for the display of all information available on board ships in realtime. Multiped also feels comfortable in other industrial environments such as on offshore platforms and even in buildings. Wherever signals are collected, Multiped is the data hub. For example, you can use Multiped as a reporting tool that allows users to analyse information down to the millisecond. Multiped users find Multiped very user-friendly and are enthusiastic about its speed. Create your own dashboards with exactly that information that you need in no time. Read more about how you too can use Multiped to make your processes more efficient.

DataHub for all sources -
Choose your package 

You expect great flexibility from a data collection and data reporting tool as Multiped, and that is exactly what it offers. Choose a package that fully suits your needs. 



All information in 1 overview

All the information that you need in 1 overview, very convenient. Think about fuel consumption, weather, status of a ship or offshore platform, warnings and position. Do you need a comparison of fuel consumption in relation to speed? No problem, we’ll set it up for you.  

Multiped ILowCode400


All information & flexibility  

Do you want to go the extra mile with your data visualization? You can! With Multiped ILowCode you are completely free to choose which information sources you want to display or compare. Zoom in on issues or compare data trends over months. Multiped ILowCode is ideal for advanced users who immediately want to get the most out of their data. 

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All information, done!   

Do you want to go the extra mile with data visualization? Just leave it to the professionals at Multiped. We do not only set up the dashboard, but also complex overviews and comparisons. For example, if you are looking for analysis of various complex parameters, Multiped GoCode is the perfect choice. 





Changes can be traced and rectified without any limitation.

Fully functional without cloud connection.

Reliable, detailed data

Provides reliable information even for the data analyst.

Real-time data

Visualises and saves up to 1000 measurements per second.

Data logging 2.0

Central data hub that is able to monitor all sensor information and contextualise data. 

1 data source

Everyone works with the same data & works with their own personal dashboards.

Brand independent

Can be seamlessly connected to any brand of sensors and PLCs.   

Safe sharing

Safe and separate access for different stakeholders.


Changes can be traced and rectified without any limitation. Very convenient.


User-friendly design, so you can get started right away.

Developed in practice

Click here to see how Multiped is used by Van Oord. And click here to read how the crew of the dredging vessel HEGEMANN V uses Multiped.

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"‘The strength of this system is the combination of data recording, data visualization and data processing and data calculations, without the need for an internet connection."

Jonathan Southwell
Aeolus Surveyor - Van Oord

Jonathan Southwell AEOLUS Van Oord Multiped 480

User case:

Van Oord's local efficiency with Multiped

‘We have chosen Multiped because it is designed to be used offline. Most off-the-shelf systems are cloud-based, which requires an internet connection. However, this is unsuitable for offshore applications. I wanted a local LAN based system. With Multiped we discovered trends in our working methods and were able to implement optimizations accordingly.’ 

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At the end of the day

Prevent damage to assets, get started with alarms right away

Efficiency improvement through comparison of data 

Discover trends to work more efficiently and effectively 

Let data work for you: reduced administrative

Automatic data logging of up to 1000 measurements per second and can be analysed over months to years.

Automatic overviews and reports of activities 

Automatic synchronisation of all available data 

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For the entire organisation 

Multiped is the starting point for all information for any organisation. For example, a captain sees the fuel consumption and speed in his dashboard, whereas the surveyor wants to work on issue alerts. The data analyst dives into the depth of the information to propose efficiency improvements and the project director can automatically display the ship's activities in his dashboard. Everyone is connected. 

A dashboard like you

A dashboard is useful, a flexibly arranged dashboard is even better. And you can do that very easily with Multiped. Enlarge the windows of the information sources that matter to you with one swipe or easily move the box to another location. Do you need multiple dashboards? No problem! 

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Multiped's news 
Jonathan Southwell AEOLUS Van Oord Multiped 480

Multiped on board Van Oord's Aeolus: ‘Data logging and visualization suitable for offshore’

When Jonathan Southwell sees Multiped for the first time on board the offshore installation vessel Aeolus, he immediately wants to know more about this system. Jonathan is a Surveyor on board this 139 meter long Van Oord ship and...

HEGEMANN V with Multiped

HEGEMANN V equipped with VisuDREDGE & Multiped: Data supports on board processes

Jean Schüssler: ‘The programs show me all the results in a clear overview. The advantage is that I receive the information projected in real time which allows me to act immediately. The systems we used before only provided that data much later, reason why I was unable to...


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