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The platform for industrial data collection and reporting. Unlocking the potential of sensor data for engineers and asset owners.

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Collect and analyze sensor data from various industrial data sources in a clear dashboard. As an engineer and owner, you are able to quickly solve technical problems and optimize processes. Troubleshooting, process optimization and the reduction of environmental impact. From one platform.





Local first

Fully functional without Cloud connection. Optimized for low bandwidth.

Real time data

Visualizes and stores up to 1000 measurements per second.

Synchronous data

Links and synchronizes data from industrial sources.

Safe sharing

Secure and separate access for different stakeholders.

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Tech features

Hardware -

By means of dedicated hardware, the data of each industrial object is collected and sent via the local network to the Multiped software. The software can be accessed via desktop and mobile devices.

Create custom dashboards

Create custom dashboards with desired signals and the option to share the dashboards with other users. Or use one of our standard dashboards.

Configure data sources and signals

Data sources and signals are configured by exporting and importing spreadsheet templates.

Create user and security groups

Create user and security groups to give different stakeholders separate access to data.

Add specific log entry

Add specific log entries to log custom text memos with data.

Create export files

Create export files for further analysis or presentation.


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